Case study: Bacterial secretion of endotoxin-free vaccine component

Customer problem

  • Eliminate endotoxin contamination of self-assembling virus-like-particle (VLP) prepared in E. coli
  • Intracellular production of VLP in E. coli required host lysis and arduous purification

Ingenza solution

  • Secreted Virus-Like Particle (VLP) from endotoxin-free production host
  • Cost effective / scalable biomanufacturing with reduced downstream processing
  • Protease-deficient host with further increased VLP productivity and stability
  • B. subtilis – GRAS, endotoxin-free host, HCD fed-batch fermentation
  • Efficient secretion of heterologous proteins
  • Multiple signal peptide gene sequence configurations
  • Signal peptide enabling optimal VLP secretion identified
  • Optimal host protease knockout combination identified
Pre-clinical testing
  • Immunological equivalence of Bacillus derived VLP confirmed
  • Progressed to successful pre-clinical animal testing

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