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Flexibility: the key to de-risking future health crises

Posted Jul 03rd, 2023 in Blog

Dr Leonardo Magneschi is the Head of Molecular Biology at Ingenza. In 2020 he and his team embarked upon a project in conjunction with the University of Oxford and the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) to rapidly formulate a highly effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. New research published in Science by…

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What lies ahead: the future of engineering biology

Posted May 04th, 2023 in Blog

Advances in engineering biology are creating an ever-expanding toolkit and evolving infrastructure that can conceptualise, deliver and scale solutions to address a wide range of biological, chemical and even social problems. As society emerges from a global pandemic, two of the…


Ingenza celebrates 20 years of innovation

Posted Mar 23rd, 2023 in General articles

Edinburgh-based Ingenza, a pioneer in engineering biology, is delighted to celebrate its 20 year anniversary this month. The milestone will be marked with an event on the 20th of April for esteemed colleagues and guests, providing an opportunity to reflect on the…

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Crossing the divide from academia to industry

Posted Dec 19th, 2022 in Blog

Dr Connor Bowen is a Senior Scientist working within the molecular biology team at Ingenza. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Dundee, and followed it up with a PhD and post doc at the same institution, studying Serratia…

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