Ingenza Extends Successful Collaboration with Syngenta

  1. 03rd Oct, 2018

Image: Ingenza Molecular Biologists; Research Assistant, Louis Marlow and Senior Scientist, Stephen McColm

Industrial biotech specialist Ingenza has announced that its collaboration with Syngenta for work on efficient technologies to support the development of crop protection products has been extended. The continuation of this project capitalises on Ingenza’s proprietary inABLE® suite of gene expression, protein expression and microbial strain development capabilities, and demonstrates the company’s expertise in synthetic biology. 

Dr Ian Fotheringham, Managing Director at Ingenza, said: “We are delighted by the continued success of this collaboration. Our innovative technologies are an excellent fit for Syngenta’s leading position in agricultural biotechnology, and we look forward to continuing our partnership, working towards sustainable technologies that address the challenges facing global agriculture and food security.”

Dr Robert Harris, from Syngenta, added: “It has been a pleasure to work with the Ingenza team, and the success of our collaboration so far clearly shows how working with like-minded biotech partners helps to drive innovation forward. We are excited about the next phase of the project and look forward to realising the potential of this technology”.

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