Ingenza Named “Edinburgh Life Sciences Top Youth Employer”

  1. 10th Nov, 2014

Ingenza Ltd ‘setting the standard’ for supporting young people into work

[Ingenza]: a Life Sciences company based in Edinburgh has scooped a top award for supporting young people into work.

Ingenza Ltd has been named Skills Development Scotland’s Youth Employer of the Month.

The organisation, which has 40 members of staff, employs four Modern Apprentices, all of whom are now in permanent positions.

Ingenza initially planned for the apprentices to become technicians however they have turned out to be integral to many of their customer projects and now hold Research Assistant positions in each of their respective departments.

Bosses also believe that after several years of on-the-job training, the Modern Apprentices are proving to be far superior in practical work compared with any graduate they have recruited.

Ingenza’s Managing Director, Dr Ian Fotheringham, said: “It is excellent to be recognised for the hard work and dedication our team has invested in developing these young scientists over the past 5 years.

“Ingenza has been incredibly fortunate to discover young people like Kirsty, Ross, Jonathan and Jack with whom it continues to be a pleasure to work with.”

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Key Sector Manager for Life Sciences, Ronnie Palin, added: “Ingenza is a terrific ambassador for youth employment and regularly promote the benefits of Modern Apprenticeships within the community.

“The business invests a great deal of time and effort in young people and is very well positioned to raise the profile of apprenticeships within the Biotechnology industry.”

Chairman of SDS, John McClelland CBE, said: “It’s fantastic to see Ingenza setting the standard for youth employment within the Life Sciences sector and across Scotland as a whole.

“Modern Apprentices are a great addition to any company and provide employers with an opportunity to train and develop a young person to meet the specific needs of their business.”