Ingenza scales up its bioprocess capabilities

  1. 30th Jun, 2020

Edinburgh-based Ingenza, a leader in the application of biotechnology, has increased its footprint to over 12,000 sq ft within the Roslin Innovation Centre. This has allowed it to invest in additional bioprocessing equipment, supporting its upcoming project for the development of biopharmaceuticals. The implementation of alternating tangential flow (ATF) and tangential flow filtration (TFF) technologies, and a BioFlo® 320 next-generation bioprocess control station with BioBLU® c Single-Use Vessels, will allow the company to scale up production of novel biologics in both mammalian and microbial cell lines using its proprietary inABLE® technology.

ATF and TFF technologies offer an alternative technique to centrifugation for cell harvesting and protein purification that enhances the capacity for biomass processing, enabling large-scale, GMP-compliant protein production. Initially, ATF will be used to support clotting factor VIII production in mammalian cells for ProFactor Pharma, while TFF will be applied to the manufacture of an antimicrobial peptide for Amprologix. 

Mammalian cell culture processes are also set to benefit from Ingenza’s acquisition of a BioFlo 320 bioprocess control station and BioBLU c Single-Use Vessels. BioBLU vessels are available with working volumes from 100 ml up to 40 l, allowing both lab- and large-scale production to be performed on one system. These disposable vessels minimise the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate the need for autoclaving, saving time and energy. The BioFlo 320 can also accommodate BioBLU f vessels for microbial applications, giving Ingenza maximum flexibility for future studies.