Technology Transfer

Final process operating requirements and competitive economics inform the design of every bioprocess development programme. Engineering, chemistry and bioscience teams work together to ensure that critical process operating procedures are fit for purpose at our customers’ production facilities.

Key technology transfer tools include:

  • Full process life-cycle analysis
  • Bioprocess capital, water, energy, sustainability requirements
  • Skills and experience ensuring successful bioprocess transfer
  • De-risked project transfer for scaled-up bioprocess viability
  • Comprehensive technology transfer to customer
“Will the process work?” “How long will it take?” “What will it cost?”

“It has been a pleasure working with the Ingenza team. The collaborative and innovative culture shared between the Ingenza and Syngenta teams has made this collaboration a success. We are excited about the next phase of work to further evaluate the technology.”

— Stuart Harrison, Head of Technology Integration, Syngenta

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