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Crossing the divide from academia to industry

Posted Dec 19th, 2022 in Blog

Dr Connor Bowen is a Senior Scientist working within the molecular biology team at Ingenza. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Dundee, and followed it up with a PhD and post doc at the same institution, studying Serratia…

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Managing quality: a long and winding road

Posted Nov 03rd, 2022 in Blog

Maintaining quality in all aspects of a business is a vital part of any company’s operations, and the cornerstone of its success. Quality management enables effective planning, control and continuous improvement, all with the aim of providing customers with products…

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Breaking down life in fermentation

Posted Jun 06th, 2022 in Blog

I started with Ingenza in 2010 as a research assistant in the molecular biology department, upon completing a BSc in infection biology at the University of Glasgow. After two years in that position, I moved across to a role in…

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