About us

Ingenza is an engineering biology company with an extensive and unique range of proprietary enabling technologies in microbial strain and mammalian cell-line engineering, protein production, fermentation and bioprocess development. Our staff span the disciplines of molecular genetics, biochemistry, fermentation and process/analytical chemistries in state-of-the-art facilities in Edinburgh, UK.

Our bacterial, yeast and mammalian cell platforms underpin competitive bioprocesses implemented worldwide by our customers and partners to manufacture (bio)pharmaceuticals, enzymes, chemicals, consumer products and sustainable fuels.

Working with Ingenza

Step 1
Project definition
  • Onboarding questionnaire
  • Definition of goals and requirements
  • Bespoke project proposal
1 - 2 weeks
Step 2
  • Up to 3 hosts selected based on Ingenza’s experience
  • Up to 100 strains evaluated
  • Custom assay/detection method
  • Identification of the most suitable host and genetic elements
  • Research material and cell banks for customer validation
3 - 4 months
Step 3
  • Optimisation of target, strain and/or process performance
  • Upstream/downstream process development
  • Full traceability in all steps of the process
  • Comprehensive technology transfer
  • Quality-controlled Research Master Cell Banks
  • Fulfilment of defined goals and requirements
6 - 12 months

*Tailored for exclusive customer experience

“I have worked with the Ingenza team for over a decade and have always appreciated their bioprocessing expertise and capabilities in support of several key projects both during my time at big biopharma and start-ups. I consider them a trusted and valued partner.”

— Fauad Hasan,former CEO, Bonti

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