Molecular Biology

Ingenza uniquely combines synthetic biology, genetic assembly and natural selection, creating proprietary systems for the manufacture of high quality industrial and therapeutic products. Our multidisciplinary team blends knowledge and experience, delivering everything from project conception through to full scale manufacture and technology transfer.

We are experts in DNA reconfiguration and will guide you through the best options for diversifying your systems, whether that’s using tried-and-trusted classical molecular biology techniques or pioneering state-of-the-art approaches that are nonetheless proven and predictable. Innovation is key at Ingenza, and vital to helping you accelerate successful commercialisation of new biological entities and bioprocesses.

Strain Engineering and Directed Evolution

Protein Expression

Analysis and Assay Technologies

“Ingenza has an excellent and highly collaborative approach. We feel this cooperation has been more productive than the kind of relationship we could have realised with other companies, who might have attempted this work as a service contract.”

— Professor Mat Upton, CTO, Amprologix Ltd

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