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Our Technology

Our engineering and biological technologies and processes reduce the time and cost associated with iterative strain design/build/test cycles:

  • Making projects more predictable
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing yield

As a dynamic company in a fast-moving industry, our list of technologies is constantly changing. Contact us to find out more.


Genome Editing

Novel editing technologies enable specific genes to be modified, allowing more predictable control.

  • Increases bioengineering precision
  • Non-GM microbes
  • Predictability and reproducibility


Protein Solubility Prediction

Predictive tRNA traffic modeling and a folding/solubility selection system give better control of gene design.

  • Customised to organism of choice, including bacteria, yeast, human, etc.
  • Improves protein production yield
  • Minimises production costs


Synthetic Expression Elements

By developing orthogonal expression elements, we are able to more predictably control gene/pathway expression.

  • Unique customer-defined control of your target gene


Genome Targeting

Genome integration can reliably and predictably target genes and pathways to specific genomic locations that work best, resulting in superior performance.

  • Predictable, high performing industrial microbes stable through hundreds of generations


Combinatorial Genetics

inABLE® is a proprietary combinatorial genetic platform established by Ingenza to improve the speed and predictability of multicomponent genetic assemblies. inABLE® enhances many critical aspects of recombinant protein synthesis, enzyme evolution and biochemical pathway engineering for commercial applications. It greatly increases the efficiency with which large numbers of diverse genetic constructs can be combined, rearranged and evaluated in vivo, and accelerates the successful commercialisation of new biological entities and bioprocesses.

  • Faster detection of novel enzyme activities
  • Faster identification of optimal gene expression in any host
  • Faster design of optimal pathways or combined enzyme function
  • A shorter time frame to successfully construct effective biochemical pathways


Omics Driven Bioengineering

Omics and modeling/simulation-driven selection and analysis of gene targets allows us to more closely predict and shorten the bioengineering design/build/test cycle and successfully construct bioprocesses.

  • Shortens the bioengineering cycle from years to months