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Here at Ingenza we will accelerate your development pathway from drug discovery through pre-clinical evaluation and into man. We deliver tailored solutions to meet our customers timelines.

How we can help you navigate the Path to Success

Candidate Development

Optimal host and genetic design selected for biologics synthesis and secretion, avoiding impurities. Small molecule biosynthetic routes exemplified, analytical methods established, first customer material delivered.

Process Development

Strain and upstream/downstream process optimised. Pre-MCB established. Cost-competitive, reliable, scalable and robust bioprocesses ensure predictable manufacture of small and large molecules to customer specification. Material for pre-clinical, pre-formulation and stability testing.

Toxicology Material

Drug substance prepared for formulation and toxicology studies, all documentation, materials and processes controlled through the QMS, ensuring traceability and full CMC compliance for regulatory submissions.

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Ingenza is a world class engineering biology company, providing rapid, efficient and cost effective methods including proprietary gene assembly, optimised recombinant production in microbial or mammalian hosts, and high throughput screening assays for your novel drug target.

Ingenza’s 13,500 sq ft facility in Edinburgh, Scotland fully integrates molecular biology, scalable fermentation, and a full analytical chemistry suite to deliver solutions for our biopharmaceutical customers.

“I have worked with the Ingenza team for over a decade and have always appreciated their bioprocessing expertise and capabilities in support of several key projects both during my time at big biopharma and start-ups. I consider them a trusted and valued partner.”

— Fauad Hasan,
former CEO, Bonti

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