SustaiNable Planet

Ingenza is committed to deploying truly sustainable bioprocesses to meet the environmental and Net Zero objectives of our customers in every industry sector.

We enable biomanufacturing to achieve efficiencies of industrial performance, competitiveness and robustness that reduce costs and waste, helping our customers benefit fully from their sustainable manufacturing initiatives.

How we can help you navigate the Path to Success

Process invention & feasibility

Phylogenetic biocatalyst discovery and high-throughput laboratory evolution to adapt and engineer biosynthetic routes in the optimal host organism. First material preparation and characterisation. Proof of concept, customer IP and foundations for rapid progression to process viability.

Process optimisation for economic viability

Upstream/Downstream process optimisation, establishing cost-competitive, scalable and predictable biomanufacturing process performance with reproducibility and robustness to meet customer specifications and deliver cost of goods target.

Scalable manufacturing process

Comprehensive technology transfer documentation, supporting our customers through engineering design to pilot and commercial scale sustainable biomanufacturing.

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Ingenza is a world class engineering biology company, providing rapid, efficient and cost effective methods including proprietary gene assembly, optimised recombinant production in microbial or mammalian hosts, and high throughput screening assays for sustainable manufacture of chemicals, polymers, enzymes, consumer products and fuels.

Ingenza’s 13,500 sq ft facility in Edinburgh, Scotland fully integrates molecular biology, scalable fermentation, and a full analytical chemistry suite to deliver these solutions for our customers in a wide range of industries.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Ingenza team. The collaborative and innovative culture shared between the Ingenza and Syngenta teams has made this collaboration a success. We are excited about the next phase of work to further evaluate the technology.”

— Stuart Harrison, Head of Technology Integration, Syngenta

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