Our multidisciplinary team has unparalleled knowledge and experience in organic synthesis and analytical chemistry spanning biochemistry/enzymology, downstream processing and product recovery techniques.

Using a systematic approach we:

  • Design novel chemo-enzymatic routes to small molecules e.g. pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food/drink ingredients, beauty care products
  • Apply our organic chemistry expertise to synthesise substrates, pathway intermediates, cofactors, analytical reference standards for use in bioprocess development and optimisation
  • Deliver validated analytical methods suitable for final product characterisation, in-process analysis and release testing
  • Monitor, identify and address bioprocess/pathway rate limitations
  • Design, develop, optimise and validate new assays and/or pre-defined assays for specific targets
  • Employ high-throughput screening technologies for hit-to-lead identification
  • Efficiently recover and purify fully active target molecules from biological sample matrices to meet product specification criteria

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Analysis and Assay Technologies

Downstream Processing and Product Isolation

Technology Transfer

“Ingenza has an excellent and highly collaborative approach. We feel this cooperation has been more productive than the kind of relationship we could have realised with other companies, who might have attempted this work as a service contract.”

— Professor Mat Upton, CTO, Amprologix Ltd

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