Case study: Adaptation of biologic specificity

Customer problem

  • Means to adapt a potent first-in-class bacteriocin structure/function to target pathogens of concern

Ingenza solution

  • Successful engineering of bacteriocin specificity and potency using high-throughput in vitro screening
  • Standardised cost-effective / scalable biomanufacturing process for bacteriocin variants
  • First in class bacteriocin
  • Peptide design, machine learning
  • Error prone PCR based library
  • Customised in vitro transcription/translation
  • Low cost / high throughput screen of variants
  • Identification of novel antimicrobial activity
Performance test
  • Antimicrobial assay of potency (MIC)
  • Characterisation of novel specificity
  • “Plug and play” bio-manufacture

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