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Our Capabilities

At Ingenza, we have assembled integrated teams of scientists, bringing together expertise from synthetic chemistry, informatics, molecular genetics, biochemistry and fermentation scale-up.

Our unique capabilities enable us to generate innovative solutions for a diverse range of customer challenges.



At Ingenza, we optimise fermentation-based bioprocesses, providing efficient, economically competitive, scalable solutions to the sustainable manufacture of chemicals, biologics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels. Our high cell density protocols are implemented worldwide and include 2.6M litre operations, optimised GMP-compliant processes and state-of-the-art, single-use technology. Downstream capabilities from cell harvest to enzyme purification and formulation enable us to innovate, adapt and deliver on all types of bioprocesses.


Process Development

We address all bioprocess development and scale-up, from retro-biosynthetic analysis of target molecules and novel pathways to bespoke high value products. We synthesise substrates and reference materials, determine enzyme catalytic parameters, develop novel screens to improve biocatalysts, and conduct statistical bioprocess optimisation, downstream processing and product characterisation.


Protein Engineering

Enzyme engineering is integral to Ingenza’s strain construction approaches. We have conducted and implemented some of the most commercially significant applications of enzyme evolution. Supported by advanced informatics and automated, screening methods, Ingenza adapts and improves biocatalysts for diverse applications.



Ingenza operates GMP-compliant laboratories for the construction, optimisation and application of engineered microbial strains and mammalian cell lines. Meeting customer needs in recombinant protein therapeutics, medical devices and point of care diagnostics, we deliver innovative GMP manufacturing practices to address diverse applications in healthcare.


Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is at the heart of everything we do. We have expertise in bioinformatics, combinatorial genetics, expression system design, and strain and pathway engineering. Our proprietary expression platforms range from bacteria, yeast and fungi, to mammalian cells.