Case study: Soluble mammalian target secreted from yeast

Customer problem

  • Alternative host to prepare mammalian biologic, insoluble when prepared in E. coli
  • Need for efficient, scalable upstream/downstream manufacturing process

Ingenza solution

  • Cost-effective / scalable Pichia pastoris biomanufacturing process
  • Target production and secretion meeting cost of goods and specification
  • Pre-MCB with full supporting documentation
  • P. pastoris: GRAS, industrially scalable
  • Codon-optimised for P. pastoris
  • Genomic integrants selected
  • Integrant performance ranked
  • Upstream process optimised
Performance test
  • Scalable 5 L fermentation USP/DSP
  • Defined manufacturing parameters
  • Technology transfer to customer
  • Manufacturing process support

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